6 Reasons why NPL is better than A-League


Not only are NPL pitches usually better than A-League grounds, the stadium’s are a better fit for the number of supporters.

The biggest advantage that the pitches have is that they aren’t shared (usually) with other sports. Sydney FC have to share grounds used by Rugby, Cricket etc. Sydney United have Sydney United Sports centre.


Most NPL games you can get into for $15 tops. A lot of games are cheaper and depending on what level it is they may have free entry.

A-league games can cost up to $50 for an adult ticket for a single game, and that’s without our next point.


You can buy Cevapi at an NPL game, you can’t at the A-league. No more to say.

Also, full strength beer.

Active Support

Active is encouraged at NPL games with no restrictions. We have supporter groups such as SUS, NSC, Komiti and the new La Stalla.

A-League active is dying a slow death, suffocated by restrictions and disgruntled fans, over policing, etc. Plus you’re no longer allowed to say naughty words at Sydney Olympic Park apparently.


No foxtel? No worries.

Catch all the NPL 1, 20s and WNPL 1 games live and free streamed on Facebook and YouTube and match of the round NPL 2 games.

A-League if you don’t have Foxtel you’re stuck using a VPN or watching 1 game a week live.

Club Relationships

You can have a beer with the players after an NPL game.

A-League players you’re lucky to get a high 5 as they walk around the ground afterwards (only sometimes)

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