Thomas James – Buy of the Season?

Let me preface this by acknowledging that it is only round 9 still, and we aren’t quite through the first half of the season. But it was everyone is talking about at the moment.

The stats don’t lie; 12 goals from his 9 games scoring in 7 of them. 1 Hattrick and 3 braces to boot.

The next two in the golden boot running are Payne with 10 and Pavlovic with 8.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that TJ is scoring for fun though. If you’re a fan of Capital Football chances are you would’ve heard his name or seen a goal or 2 of his. 80 goals in 83 games and 19 in 17 for Canberra FC last year.

One look at this volley tells you the story:

The question on everybody’s lips isn’t if he will move on but when, and where to.

Odds are to a “bigger” NPL side; Sydney United or APIA perhaps.

We would have said an A-League club but the odds of that are very very slim. The problem with TJ is that he would take up a visa spot being from England and historically (15 years is historical), A-League clubs are hesitant to sign State League/NPL players and even less so for players that would take a visa spot.

Take Danny “Wonder goal” Choi as an example. Outstanding player at Blacktown City, great goal scorer, banged in that magical 70m goal in the cup and the best he was able to come away with was a loan injury replacement player at Adelaide United where he made 2 appearances.

James is definitely a cut above the rest in the NSW NPL and many would argue a better scorer than Jordan Murray who is at the Mariners, but would a side take a gamble on a NPL player that will take a visa spot.

If any sides were to, it’d be between Newcastle Jets and Central Coast Mariners, the latter needing all the help they can get.

Who knows, maybe we’ll be proven wrong and a club will come knocking for him. He’s likely to at least get a trial at WSW or Sydney FC and they will be keeping him on the radar for sure.

Image credit: Football NSW

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