Sydney Teams Expected To Merge For B-League Entry

With the draft 2nd division papers coming out earlier in the week with the competition to possibly start in 2021 with 10-16 teams, we have been given an exclusive insight into a potential merger between Sydney clubs that would just about guarantee entry.

Bonnyrigg White Eagles, Rockdale City Suns and Sydney United have decided to throw their weight together to form a ‘super bid’ in an effort to maximise their chances at acceptance with the working name “West Yugal 22”.

Officials from the clubs noted that if successful, West Yugal will follow the Bosnian style of leadership with the TD, Head Coach and Assistant coach being filled by an applicant each from a different part of the former Yugoslavia.

Our sources also indicated that the new club will make signing Panni Nikas a priority as their initial marquee, to allow him to achieve his goal of playing for every team from the Balkans.

More to come as this club develops.

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  1. Jerome Simmons

    April 1, 2019 at 12:10 am

    That will be a disaster for the NPL. Australia is not big enough/financially viable to have an A League 1 comp and should go with 16 AL clubs and support/Enhance NPL Comps around Australia

    Or If they did go with a AL1 comp , it should be stand alone teams from NPL clubs – say 2 from each state including Tassie. ie Sth Melb and Avondale in Victoria , Syd Utd and Marconi in Sydney etc.

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