Expansion and NPL (Again)

Our more keen readers may remember a few months back we published an article titles “How Could A-League Expansion Impact NPL NSW?

At that point there was only 2 strong bids coming out of NSW; Southern Expansion and Wollongong Wolves.

Our conclusion at the end was the best outcome with minimal impact on the state structure was for the Wolves to enter, as they already had established NPL and Youth sides.

Now we find ourselves 2 days out from the announcement of the two teams to enter in the 2019/20 competition. Two bids remain from NSW; Southern Expansion and Macarthur South West United.

With only 6 teams remaining in the running and two from NSW, there is a very strong possibility that the Sydney area could host the next A-League club with strong indication that it would be MSWU out of the two.

In this instance, it is likely that MSWU would form an MOU with one of the clubs in the South-West Sydney area to field NPL and youth sides such as Macarthur Rams, Camden Tigers or SD Raiders.

We understand that Southern Expansion are keen to add in their own sides but it is also likely that they could form an agreement with the Sharks to take care of the NPL and youth system.

Whichever way it goes, we’re just happy that the game is being expanded.

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