Competition Update

Wow what a weekend of football! Has anyone had time to process everything that’s happened? We sure haven’t but here’s our wrap anyway!


18s – Blacktown City wrapped up the 18s premiership with 53 points with 2 games to play. Rangers will finish runners up currently on 44 and Sydney FC are are currently on 37 in 3rd but can be caught by Sydney United who are on 32.

20s – Blacktown City lead the way with 42 points with Sharks right behind on 40 and Sydney FC trailing in 3rd with 36. This means Blacktown will finish top 3 at least, Sharks are also guaranteed a finals spot.

1st – Wollongong Wolves went down 2-0 to Blacktown so we can’t quite declare they are premiers yet, that party will be pushed back at least a week. Their goal difference of +33 compared to APIA’s +14 means that the Wolves would need to concede an enormous amount over the next 2 weeks to even give APIA a sniff, so it’s as good as the Wolves.

In terms of Club Championship Blacktown will take out the title currently sitting on 285 points. In 2nd is Wollongong Wolves on 243 with the maximum they can reach being 285.


18s – With 4 rounds left WSW looks set to take out 1st place, currently out in front on 54 points with only CCM able to catch them who trail with 46 points with 4 rounds remaining.

20s – The battle is quite tight in the 20s with WSW and CCM level on 45 points with Northern Tigers right behind on 43 and St George City on 40.

1st – North Shore are the only team to be guaranteed a finals spot out on 48 points whilst Hills trail with 44 before we go down to Bonnyrigg and Mounties, the former on an impressive hot streak at the moment with their eyes set on the title. WSW have slipped out of a finals place with Spirit and Spartans making up 5th and 6th.

Promotion – WSW have all but blown their promotion hopes currently sitting on 276 compared to North Shore’s 294. Only sheer luck is keeping them within a sniff of 1st, but their poor form in 1st grade is holding them back; winless in their last 5 and only 1 win in their last 11.

Relegation – Canterbury Bankstown sit on 92 points picking up a couple this week, but are still 65 points from safety. With 4 rounds remaining, failure to pick up points against Spartans will seal their fate, or if Rydalmere pick up enough points against Rams.

Speaking of, Macarthur Rams are on 106 and are getting closer to confirmation of what we’ve known for most of the season, that they will be joining NPL 3 next season. It could very well happen this weekend if they get swept by Rydalmere.

Lastly, St George still occupies that final relegation spot however there is still hope for them yet. They trail Rydalmere by 3 points but have the tough task of taking on Spirit whilst Rydalmere will face Rams this weekend. Their clash in 2 weeks may very well be one of the games of the year, with safety at the stake.

Bonnyrigg and St George City can mathematically be relegated still, but they should do enough over the next 4 rounds that they will be safe without worries.


18s – With 5 rounds remaining Dunbar sit on top with 50 points followed by Sydney Uni on 47. Parramatta surprisingly (depending on who you ask) are in 3rd with 37 points meaning we can just about put the premiership down to a 2 horse race.

20s – SD Raiders lead the way with 49 points followed by Dunbar and Sydney Uni on 41 a piece. If I were to put money on it, Raiders would win the premiership but there’s the outside chance of one of the other two nabbing it.

1st – Stanmore continue to light up the competition, leading on 50 points. Raiders follow closely on 45 with Bankstown City on 42 and GRM on 40. With 5 rounds to go, you could lock those 4 teams in for the finals with Inter, Bankstown United, Dunbar, Dulwich Hill and Camden all fighting it out for the last 2 spots. Bankstown United have a 6 point lead over 7th placed Dunbar though, so take that how you will.

Promotion – Raiders are out in front on 296 points followed by GRM on 265 and Bankstown City/Dunbar on 248. Stanmore sit in 5th on 247 yet would be 277 without their deduction (but that’s another article).

With 105 points still on offer it’s still too early to declare the eligible team for promotion, but at the moment all odds are on SD Raiders followed by GRM.

Relegation – WNSW and Rage are gone, this we’ve known for months.

Parramatta sit on 137 points, Camden on 161 and Hawkesbury on 164. Safety at the moment is Dully on 195 then it jumps to Bankstown United on 213 and Inter Lions on 232. Currently those are the teams that Parramatta can catch whereas Camden and Hawkesbury can theoretically catch the whole comp bar Raiders.

State League

18s – CCU will take out the league. They currently sit on 44 points with Nepean and Minotaurs on 38. A valiant effort by both sides but CCU is just too good.

20s – Much the same as the 18s, CCU will take out the 20s with their 44 point total, next closest being Nepean on 31.

1st – The battle is still on with CCU and Fraser tied on 39 points now, CCU with their game against Prospect still to play. The two clubs will finish 1st and 2nd no matter what with the other 3 spots still open to literally every team.

Promotion – CCU need 4 points to get into NPL 3 next year. With a couple of rounds plus a game v Prospect in hand, there’s no way they’re missing out for the 2nd year in a row.

*Note, some of the CC values may be slightly off, but they’re not going to matter in terms of pro/rel

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